Where to start drawing when you are a beginner?

Do you want to draw and don't know where to start? Do not search anymore. Drawing is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or experience. Dessin Facile offers you different drawing tutorials for beginners or experienced!

The guide to learning to draw easily without complicating your life

With the right tools and techniques, learning to draw becomes child's play. I offer you a mini-guide to learn to draw easily, as well as some tips to make your learning easier.

Learning to draw may seem intimidating to some, but in reality, getting started with this creative hobby is quite easy.

What equipment to start drawing?

The first step to starting drawing is getting the right tools. Be careful, this is not about buying overpriced tools from the start! On the contrary, a pencil, an eraser and some paper are more than enough. Moreover, the Easy Drawing tutorials that I offer you here are all made with large-scale materials accessible to everyone: felt-tip pens, colored pencils, etc. As you progress, you will be able to invest in more professional tools.

What can I draw to learn?

The second step is to find models to draw. Indeed, a good designer is above all a good copier. Drawing simply means being able to transcribe a visual representation on paper, using a pencil.

The pedagogy that I propose, with Dessin Facile, is to break down the drawings into several shapes. In my opinion, it is much easier to learn and remember. And above all, it's super rewarding to succeed in a drawing!

Take for example my tutorial for drawing a dog from 6 circles. These are just circular shapes that form the basis of the design:

You too can choose a model and then identify the geometric shapes that make up this model. From there it is possible to draw anything.

Here are some model ideas that will allow you to practice:

Drawing landscapes

Natural landscapes are very interesting to draw because they can be very varied and offer many possibilities. To add depth to your scene, you can use different colors and tones to create a 3D effect as well as a feeling of movement. An example with my easy landscape drawing tutorial. Once again, I broke the landscape down into a few lines to make it simple to reproduce. By mastering this technique, the landscape possibilities are unlimited.

Drawing animals

Our animal friends are excellent models to start practicing simple drawing. Once again, it's a story of shape and lines. In this tutorial for example, I had fun drawing animals from numbers.

Drawing optical illusions

Believe it or not, these seemingly impressive illusions are usually the easiest designs to reproduce. They are just lines and shapes which, when assembled, give a trompe-oeil effect. So take a look for yourself:

Honestly, it doesn't seem complicated, right?

It's just a little practice, and a little willpower.

And it's not over ! In addition to being extremely rewarding, drawing brings many benefits. I address them in this article.

Easy Drawing tutorials

As you have seen throughout this article, I have a YouTube channel where I share drawing tips to teach you how to draw easily. You can push this learning process yourself thanks to my book of collaborative drawing tutorials.

This is a book available on my website and also on this link on Amazon . It is composed only of subscriber requests, with simplified drawings explained step by step. If you've ever asked me for a tutorial, then maybe your name is in it. If this is not the case, don't panic! This book is only the first in a long series. So keep offering me comments, I'll rate them all!

Drawing tutorial book

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magic drawing

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