How to create a manga when you are a beginner?

Konichiwa , young budding mangaka. (that means hello in Japanese)

If you found yourself here, it's because you probably want to create your own manga . Well, let me tell you, you're in exactly the right place , young aspiring manga artist.

In this article, I will give you all the secrets to succeeding in your manga from A to Z, even if you are a beginner in drawing or creating a scenario! So prepare yourself well, because you are about to become the hero of this new artistic adventure.

First of all, let's see together what you will need to master to become a true manga master !

The art of wielding your pencil like a katana!

Are you a beginner in drawing? Do not panic. Read the title of the site carefully. Here you are on Easy Drawing . Drawing is accessible to everyone, it’s just a matter of practice . There was a time in your life when you didn't know how to write, wasn't there? Your first grade teacher probably trained you to make letters in a loop in your notebook, until you finally knew how to make those damn letters.

Well, it's the same. I will teach you with simple methods how to master your pencil to be able to bring to life the characters you imagine. Like in my videos, I'm going to give you designer's secrets to transform your blank sheets of paper into real manga boards !

First I will teach you how to draw faces . Together we will dissect each element that makes up a head: the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the hair. In this epic journey for you to become the new Kage of the manga, we will also analyze the differences between male and female faces. We will even go so far as to study where the ears are placed in a coherent face.

Once you have mastered the art of the face , we will tackle the anatomy. I will pass on to you the secret puppet technique, which allows you to visualize the human skeleton as a set of joints in order to better understand it and draw it simply. We will observe how the hands, feet, arms, legs, and even the bodies of different sexes decompose so that you can bring all the characters of your future manga to life!

zoro | Tumblr | Zoro, Roronoa zoro, Zoro one piece

You will master your pencil just like Zoro wields swords in One Piece!

Training the 64 pencil leads!!

Once you have mastered the anatomy of the human body, I will have you do training and exercises that will allow you to perfect your pencil stroke . Each tutorial will be commented, like in my videos, so you can understand what you are doing. In addition to these tutorials, I have put together exercises for you so that you can apply each of your new learnings. You will be able to ensure that you master each technique and each tip to have all the weapons and create your own manga work !

Pine in DBZ

I have a training session worthy of Vegeta's inside the gravity room in Dragon Ball.

The scroll of secret stories!!

Once you have mastered your pencil to perfection, you will already be almost at the top. But you will be missing one last key to being an accomplished manga emperor . Don't panic, I have this last key.

You will have to master the art of creating a captivating storyline.

I will teach you how to structure your story so that it has meaning and coherence. We'll explore how to create captivating story arcs , straight from YOUR imagination !

You will then be able to draw characters and bring them to life in extraordinary adventures . You will need tools to create these adventures, and I will give them to you. Practical sheets that I will make available to you will allow you to lay the foundations of your universe, and to think about the plot and the trials that your freshly drawn characters will have to overcome! We will see, for example , what themes you can tackle or how you could give psychological depth to your characters.

Naruto Yakai GIF - Naruto Yakai - Discover & Share GIFs

I give you all the secrets in a forbidden scroll, like Naruto!

Well, I admit, it's not really a parchment.

It's more of a guide.

The ultimate guide to creating your manga!! For beginners and advanced!

Look no further, young budding mangaka. All the answers to your questions can be found in this ultimate guild. Available on Amazon right here: see the ultimate guide to creating your manga.

In this book, I have reserved tutorials for you explained step by step like in the videos .

On the left page, a tutorial with a clever technique for visualizing the skeleton of the arm before dressing it in flesh. On the right page, training exercises to apply what you have just learned !

But that's not all, I'm not just teaching you drawing in this guide.

Remember, young manga wannabe, this is an ULTIMATE guide !

I don't just teach you drawing, but also the art of telling stories.

On the left page, simple and concise explanations to understand how to think about your characters . On the right page, a technical sheet in the form of a form to fill out! By completing this form, you will have approached your character from all angles and you will have a better mastery of the universe in which your readers will be immersed .

Once you finish this manual, you will finally be at the top of the mountain , ready to take on the world. Your own world. The one that you will create from the tip of your pencil.

You will progress as you read the pages. You will have learned a new technique after each tutorial. You will master each learning in all the exercises.

A new adventure awaits you, the adventure of which YOU are the hero .

Draw your universe , shape it according to your desires , and transmit your message to your readers through your work. Inspire the world!

(and above all, don't forget me if your manga succeeds thanks to me)

So, what are you waiting for to become the manga master you always dreamed of being?

You are just one click away from your dream. Seize the opportunity.

Click on the link below!

Get the ultimate guide to creating your manga (beginners and advanced)!!

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