Drawing with the shape of the hand

The first book really broke all records. “Easy Drawing: Drawing Tutorials and Tips” (the blue one with a panda) was first in the Amazon top for several weeks. As I speak (or write) to you, it is somewhere in the top 5 fighting with Tchoupi and other children's books.

This is truly amazing, thank you everyone. This greatly motivated me to release a second book (the red one this time), with a slightly different theme but still with the same vision: everyone is capable of drawing !

Drawing with the shape of the hand: why?

During the first weeks of the first book's release, I was only waiting for one thing: feedback from people who had bought it. (Moreover, for those interested, a satisfaction questionnaire is available by clicking on this link ).

As the Amazon reviews testify: only positive, 5 stars.

easy drawing to learn

I'll let you read the reviews on Amazon for yourself...

Obviously, it made me very happy. It's an honor to be able to bring families together around the table to draw, or even to teach some people that they could draw. It's just that they didn't know about it.

positive review

Big dedication to Frenchie who was very moved to be able to draw a dragon for the first time in her life. We embrace you !

To tell you, I even had contact with medical workers who explained to me that my book was very useful for certain patients suffering from psychological disorders. It's incredible.

So, I wanted to once again offer easy drawing tutorials in book format. The videos work well, but I really wanted to offer subscribers a new work.

But, it wouldn't have been right to release volume 2, stupidly, without changing the recipe. However, I really wanted to keep this aspect of simplicity: a few steps, a few lines, and POOF! A magical drawing! ✨

So I racked my brains for several days, several weeks, and several months...

And then it came back to me. A video that I released around Christmas 2022, long before I released my first book. (well, 2 months before, but it wasn't yet planned at that time)

Santa Claus with the shape of a hand!

It was one of the first videos that did really well. Millions of views on Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. It went around so much that even a friend thought he recognized my voice. (it was indeed my voice, but I left doubt)

The release of the book

As you can imagine, it was while thinking about this video that this idea came to me. It's a concept that I haven't used too much on the networks, and it seems to appeal to a lot of people. Plus, most people have hands. It's super practical for making drawings with the outline of your hands! (and to draw)

More seriously, I thought it was a slightly more innovative way to make people who are "allergic" to drawing or those who don't think they know how to draw appreciate drawing. It's another edutainment tool for practicing your pencil skills while having fun, in a way never seen before.

drawing with the shape of the hand

Buy the second book

This is a new proposal to make drawing even more accessible to everyone. On this one, the first tutorials get straight to the point. I kept the tutorials detailed from the "difficult" level, but the "easy" and "medium" levels remain relatively short. I also added some little funfacts, just to sharpen his culture with his pencil strokes.

Don't wait any longer and take advantage of the introductory offer!

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