Drawing to spend good times with family

Hello everyone, budding designers! (the designers too, and even the others)

Today, I wanted to talk to you about a particular subject: the unifying power of drawing as a family . No one will deny the importance of bonding and spending quality time with the people who share our home, but there are activities much more intellectually stimulating than television - without being as tiring as cycling.

Among all these activities: drawing . This universe in which each stroke of the pencil creates invisible lines weaving a web unifying the members of the family , and each work is a frame frozen in time capturing the precious moment of a family reunion. Like a bridge between generations, the moments spent drawing allow the transmission of stories, experiences, and laughter .

Have you ever imagined, for a moment, turning off that television which no longer transmits much of anything positive to gather around an activity whose benefits are no longer in doubt ? (I also discuss the benefits of drawing in this article: click here )

The benefits of drawing as a family

Drawing as a family offers many benefits. Beyond being a means of emotional expression, meeting around pencils and paper can become a real ritual where family members connect in an intimate way . The laughter, advice, and encouragement shared create common memories that strengthen family bonds .

Drawing together, in the living room or dining room, is an act of shared creation in which ideas intersect and styles mingle. This strengthens the feeling of belonging and encourages appreciation of others through their encouragement and appreciation .

Proud Toddler Girl Showing Her First Drawings" by Stocksy Contributor "Giorgio Magini" - Stocksy

"- Mom, mom! Look at my drawing!

- It's very beautiful my darling, well done!

- Mom, can we hang it on the fridge?

- Uh..."

This scene in life may have already happened to you if you have children old enough to hold a pencil. And in this example, clearly, the drawing of the little one is not great .

Yet you praised the child.

However , you even hung the drawing on the fridge.

However, you even pretended to recognize the superb bird that she proudly showed you. (it's not yet worrying at his age, we don't panic and we cancel the appointment with the pediatrician).

In psychology, this is a well-known concept. This is unconditional positive regard . In this approach, the parent prefers to express encouragement of the child's efforts rather than the objective quality of his work, with the idea of ​​fostering a positive environment that strengthens the child's self-confidence.

Don't fall asleep!

What I'm trying to say by this is that when a child shows you a drawing, even an ugly one, we respond instinctively in a way that offers them positive vibes and encouragement . And we don't even do it on purpose, it's just by being confronted with the drawing. It's by parental instinct .

So, imagine if we started drawing voluntarily, as a family.

All the positive vibes shared on a table full of markers and pencils.

All the bursts of laughter around a failed drawing, which ultimately create memories and build connections .

All the beautiful memories created thanks to these moments shared with family, so important in the child's development.

Are you now convinced that drawing brings the family together in joy and good humor ? Great, it's time to sell you something .

Magical drawings: the concept designed to bring the family together

My magical drawing book was designed to celebrate this gathering between parents and children, educators and young audiences, and young people with adults in general .

It's also in the title: Learn to draw for young and old! Available on Amazon right here: access the book !

The drawings are divided into several levels of difficulty, in order to understand drawing step by step, even without particular drawing skills.

These drawings are accessible, fun, clever and have been submitted and selected from children and leaders of a leisure center to retain only the favorite drawings of the children and the leaders.

Ideal for the upcoming Christmas holidays, because it will be a gift for the whole family!

So, don't wait any longer and give your family what they deserve: a beautiful, fun gathering around a healthy activity full of benefits!

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