Materials for drawing manga

Now that you have purchased the Ultimate Guide to learning how to create your manga from A to Z , you probably want to find out about the materials you need to draw your manga.
First of all, know that the material does not make the artist ! Even if you want to draw your own manga, it is entirely possible to improve with a simple pencil and fine markers for inking. You can even use a graphics tablet and completely abandon paper tools, like Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, did.
It is also entirely possible to create your manga with a pencil and a book of boards and empty boxes, like the one I am offering right here: 100 blank manga boards to complete!
It's up to you to choose what is most comfortable for you.
Since I'm nice, I'll still show you some inexpensive professional equipment if you really feel that you need to take a step forward from this point of view. If you've ever watched Bakuman, then you may already be aware of what's coming next...
Let's go !

Drawing paper for professional mangakas

Mangakas generally use Deleter drawing paper.
The smooth surface of this paper works well with the pencils and nibs used by manga artists, and the blue construction lines do not show up in print when scanned.
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It is a Japanese paper that is quite rare to find, except in specialized stores.
In this case, the 940946C from Clairefontaine also does the job.
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Pencils and mechanical pencils

In general, professional manga artists use colored mechanical pencils that are not visible when printed. This allows you to ink pencil sketches without erasing. Either way, mechanical pencils and criterium pencils are really great for making sketches and construction lines before inking. The Color Eno from Pilot do the job very well.
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The legendary Mono eraser

This eraser is soft and flexible, and does not leave a mark on the paper. Once again, an eraser is an eraser. But if you want to go a step further, you will need to use equipment that does not damage your sheets in the event of an error.
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Inking liners

There are two ways to ink: either with a quill and Indian ink, or with liners. Liners are felt-tip pens that have several sizes. Thanks to this tool, the thickness of the lines does not vary, and it smudges less easily. Super useful for beginners who don't necessarily want to switch to pen straight away. They are also compatible with the alcohol markers that I will present below.
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Mangakas mainly use 3 line nibs of varying thickness. They are used with a pen holder and ink. The G nib allows a fairly visible variation in line thickness, the Kabura nib allows you to make relatively stable but thick lines and the G nib allows you to make finer lines and hatching.
Don't know where to start? Do not panic. I found a starter kit for you that will allow you to try all 3.
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There are dozens of types of ink. Some are water resistant, others are shiny, others are a little more matte. There is even quick-drying ink.
My favorite model remains that of the Deleter brand. As there is something for everyone, it's up to you to test what suits you.
Deleter Manga Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Black 5 (Glossy) by Deleter
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Tracing tools

Mangakas don't just use rulers and squares to draw straight lines. They have at their disposal a whole arsenal of guns, circle tracers and other tracing tools. I recommend using a ruler larger than your sheets. I still leave you a small gun below, which can be very useful for making precise curves.
Staedtler Mars 571, Burmester Clear Plastic Spray Guns with Stain Resistant Edges,...
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The frames

It is a tool that is very little known except by those who draw. These are patterned papers allowing you to play with shades of gray and the final appearance of the drawing in general. The sales number 1 just below.
Deleter Manga Writing Screen Tone SE-91(85L/10%) - Harajuku Culture Pack
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The light table

It makes it easier to ink your drawing, to better see the flaws in the drawing when you turn the sheet over or simply to trace on another sheet. It's not essential, but if you can afford it, it's a really good tool.
HSK A4 light pad with touch dimmer 5 brightness levels LED 7000 lux for...
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Alcohol markers

I use a lot of them in my videos. Mangakas use it to color covers and color scan them. However, be careful to use suitable paper and protect your table under the paper! A brand that I really like: Tongfushop. Not very expensive, super effective with good results.
Tongfushop 80+2 Colors Alcohol Felt Pens, Adult Coloring Pens, Double Sketch Markers...
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The graphics tablet

A lot of mangaka have turned to digital. They come in all sizes. Some don't have a screen and are just touchpads with a stylus. They should be used with drawing software like Krita or Clip Studio Paint which are free.
Here is the tablet that I use to draw my easy drawing tutorial books:
XP-PEN Star03V2 12 Inch Graphics Tablet with Passive Stylus 8192 Levels and 8 Shortcuts...
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You now have all the useful tools to develop your artistic fiber as a mangaka. There are plenty of others (perspective grids, mannequins, drawing gloves) but I will probably talk about them in another article. Don't forget to maintain your equipment so that it lasts a long time!
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