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Create your manga from A to Z: The ultimate guide for beginners!!

Create your manga from A to Z: The ultimate guide for beginners!!

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Order your book today on Amazon, because I no longer have any stock to send you: you have already taken everything!!!

Welcome, dear budding Mangaka, to the captivating world of manga. This supreme guide will take you to the heights of Japanese comic art, even without special drawing skills . Get ready for an unparalleled artistic adventure, because this manual is much more than just a guide – it's your passport to creating your own manga universe . This book has been designed to guide you, from A to Z, to create your own universe: from the drawing to the scenario. Here is its secret content :

👁️ Chapter 1: Mastering the Art of the Face - Learn to draw manga faces: This chapter guides you through each facial feature, revealing the keys to drawing the mysteries of a captivating look, emotional expressions and details that give life to your characters. Detailed, step-by-step tutorials , commented as in the videos, accompanied by practical exercises, will allow you to perfect your skills and create faces that tell stories.

👥 Chapter 2: The Splendor of the Silhouette - Anatomy Simplified: Dive into the splendor of manga anatomy with simple techniques that will reveal the power of movements and postures. Through stimulating exercises , learn to bring your characters to life by mastering every line and curve of their silhouette.

🥷 Chapter 3: The Shadow of the Puppet - Bring your characters to life: This is where the adventure reaches its peak. Apply the lessons from previous chapters to create characters that will captivate your readers. A methodical approach to sharpen your pen as a future manga master, with practical exercises to reinforce what you have learned in previous chapters . You will be able to see your progress over the pages , and each success will be a personal victory which will give you confidence in your pencil stroke.

📜 Bonus Chapter: The Scroll of Stories - Create your Scenario: After the first 3 chapters, the art of manga drawing will no longer have any secrets for you . But to become a truly accomplished master manga artist , you will need to master the art of screenwriting . With this complete guide, you will be able to write captivating stories and thrilling intrigues with keys to success with your story and technical sheets to fill out that will help you structure the basis of the plot of your story. You will then be able to draw and bring characters to life , then put them into action in thrilling stories that will transport your readers into your own world .

> The Art of manga for everyone - The benefits of creation: Whether you are a young artisan or an experienced artist, creating your manga goes beyond art – it is a journey of personal development . Drawing stimulates creativity , strengthens concentration and offers a welcome escape . For children, it promotes learning and expression , while for adults, it is a therapeutic way to explore the imagination and nourish the creative soul .

So embark on this artistic adventure , young beetle, and make each page of “Creating your Manga from A to Z” a step towards realizing your dream of creation. With narrated secret drawing tutorials , practice drawing exercises and scenario creation worksheets , every moment spent creating will be an invaluable lesson. Get ready to bring your own manga heroes and heroines to life with this ultimate guide that turns every aspiring mangaka into an accomplished angaka master!

Order your book today on Amazon, because I no longer have any stock to send you: you have already taken everything!!!

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